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Quality Seasoned Firewood

Seasoned Firewood

Quick Logs is a family run business, based on our farm in Bradford on Avon.

We have been selling quality seasoned Firewood and Kindling for the past 12 years.

Where possible we source all of our timber locally and from sustainable woodlands.

All our firewood is hardwood and is seasoned for at least one year, which ensures optimal burning.

Free delivery on loads over £50

We can deliver to a wide range of local areas

Free Delivery over £50

All our Firewood is cut to a standard 10 inch. Larger or smaller sizes are available.

We offer a stacking service from £5, however, if you are elderly or physically unable to stack we will do this for FREE.

We offer FREE delivery to all the locations on the map.

Full Load

  • Approx 2m³
£ 175.00

Half Load

  • Approx 1m³
£ 95.00

Firewood Nets

  • Per Net
£ 6.00

Kindling Nets

  • Per Net
£ 5.00

Stacking Service Available

FREE service for Elderly customers

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